What is PARedu?

No, we did not become a university overnight. However, we are here to educate! PARedu will offer a combination of educational trainings, development programs and informative webinars, organized by PAR, that are available to PAR members and non-members. We believe that training and development for our industry presents prime learning opportunities to expand one's knowledge base in various subjects which in turn strengthens the capacity of your team.

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Freeing Individuals to Live their Most Productive Lives

Wednesday // November 4, 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm // Virtual
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Do you feel like, sometimes, your staff create more dependence than independence?

We all know that the goal for the individuals we serve is to increase independence through skill acquisition, but in those day to day moments when decisions are made and supports provided, the needle sometimes doesn’t move any closer to independence, if it moves at all.

In this workshop agency leaders will learn how to teach staff to support individuals in ways that:

  • Expand Individuals’ independence
  • Empower individuals to develop decision making skills
  • End unnecessary dependence on staff
  • Make it clear when success is achieved (both for the individual and the staff)
  • Support staff to create a full company culture of empowering individuals
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Frontline Supervisor Training 

Monday & Tuesday // December 7 & 8, 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm each day // Virtual
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You’ve just received a big promotion, a new set of keys, access to approve timesheets, and an eager team to supervise, educate, support, and lead. Problem is, nobody’s shown you how. 

As a frontline supervisor you are a pivotal link in the service delivery chain and the key to your organization’s effectiveness. (No pressure.)

You are now completely responsible for the performance of your team, regulatory compliance, translating instructions from upper management, and staff development, all while performing a multitude of administrative tasks and helping to ensure the health and welfare of those we serve. Chances are, you could use a few new tools in your management toolbox. 

In these two half-days of hands-on training with Sara Sherman, supervisors will: 

  • Learn the 10 Fundamentals of Supervision
  • Discover the secret to finding and addressing the root cause of performance issues
  • Identify their own supervisory strengths and vulnerabilities 
  • Understand two of the most challenging employee personality types, and learn how to stop them in their tracks
  • Leave with a written Supervisory Success Outline

Attendees should be available for both half-days of this two-day training.

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Creating a Values-Based Culture

TBA // Date Pending due to the Pandemic
9:00 am - 12:00 pm // PAR Office - Lemoyne, PA
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Your agency culture says more about who you are than anything else. It attracts the kind of employees you will have and the kind of outcomes you will provide for the individuals in your care.

Peter Drucker said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast."
Joe Landis added, “and everything else.”

The seminar, “Creating a Values-Based Culture,” uses the [email protected] framework to address the values your agency reflects. The goal is to put all the hearts to work in your agency, starting with your board, CEO, leadership staff, direct care staff, the individuals served and stakeholders. When all these hearts are working, your culture inspires all your people to do their best, or as Lance Secretan says, "Great leaders inspire…an approach that emanates from a loving serving heart.”

The seminar will focus on 5 values which have emerged as central to Joe over the last 40 years. Joe will use them as a template to assist you in identifying, choosing, and defining key values for your agency; Companionship, Holistic Care, Enthusiasm Appreciated, Partnership, and Membership.