What is PARedu?

No, we did not become a university overnight. However, we are here to educate! PARedu will offer a combination of educational trainings, development programs and informative webinars, organized by PAR, that are available to PAR members and non-members. We believe that training and development for our industry presents prime learning opportunities to expand one's knowledge base in various subjects which in turn strengthens the capacity of your team.

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HIPAA On-Demand Training

On-Demand // Virtual

Training is a critical defense against intrusions that breach privacy and IT systems. Why? Because training provides awareness and vigilance. All it takes is one click on a malicious email or link to open a backdoor into even the most secure databases. This ID/A specific, on-demand course for staff will fulfill privacy and cybersecurity training requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Most importantly, this training will instruct staff on how to recognize suspicious activity and how to respond promptly and effectively.

This 40-minute virtual course includes four modules. Participants may only advance through each section after successfully answering quiz questions.

Competency-building focuses on:

  • Understanding what private information is, and rules for access and release
  • Restrictions on social media uses
  • The duty to report potential breaches of private information
  • How to identify potentially malicious email and other potential cyber threats
  • Safe practices for handling paper documents containing private information

Agencies making bulk purchases will also receive a package of MyHIPAA Guide training materials and essential policy templates, including:

  • 49-Page MyHIPAA Guide Compliance Manual (with a 5-page Primer on Staff Training in the Appendix, and a Social Media Cheat Sheet)
  • HIPAA Cheat Sheet
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Social Media Use Policy Template
  • Sanctions Policy & Disciplinary Actions Policy Template
  • Training & Awareness Policy Template
  • Telecommuting Policy Template
  • Anonymous Breach Report Template
  • Confidentiality Pledge for Residential
  • Training Instruction Sheet
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Leadership - Now That I'm Here, What Do I Do? 

Thursday // December 15
9:00 - 11:00 am // Virtual
Speaker Bio

Agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities or educators serving the public experience a host of challenges including funding, rule compliance, service competition and maintaining a high-quality, viable workforce. New leaders within these agencies often find themselves so immersed in day-to-day issues that they have “no time” to reflect on higher order items, such as their own leadership VISION, VALUES and SKILLS! This training will provide an overview of the characteristics critical for successful leadership and will enable participants to self-assess their skills and develop approaches to improving them. 

In this training, participants will: 

  1. Learn the sixteen (16) critical characteristic of leadership. 
  2. Self-assess their skills across the critical characteristics. 
  3. Develop a daily VISION statement to guide their leadership responsibilities. 
  4. Develop at least one (1) leadership Skill Plan for personal use. 
  5. Report out their leadership Skill Plan to the other training participants. 
  6. Identify three (3) positive actions to use in their agency immediately. 

This presentation is appropriate for supervisors, managers, directors, and leaders of all levels involved in the field of ID/A.  

SHRM, HRCI, and LSW CEUs will be offered for this training.

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Management Skills Basics - Supervisor Bootcamp

Wednesday // January 11
9:00 - 11:00 am // Virtual
Speaker Bio

Agencies serving individuals with ID/A remain faced with significant challenges in recruiting and retaining a new generation of staff. National turnover rates range from 40% to 70%, making service continuity and quality difficult at best. Add the ongoing pandemic and we face a crisis of service. A major variable in staff retention is the quality of your frontline supervisors. Do they have the basic skills to help minimize turnover or have they been “thrown” into their positions with little training? In this dynamic and humorous training, staff will learn the basics of supervision, characteristics of positive supervision, how to handle conflicts and behavioral correction, and more.  

This presentation is appropriate for supervisors, managers, program & HR directors, and others working in the field of ID/A.  

SHRM, HRCI, and LSW CEUs will be offered for this training.

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