Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“Communities are richer, more just, and stronger when we honor and respect the whole of racial diversity. Access to a quality, person-centered, culturally competent system of supports and funding must be equally available regardless of race. Services must include planning over a life span and address racial disparities, including disparate outcomes. The duty to ensure that racial diversity is promoted and supported, at all levels within the services system, must be embraced” – ODP ISAC Recommendation #14

PAR is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the ID/A system. As part of PAR's efforts to increase racial equity in the ID/A field, PAR has conducted a number of DEI trainings and has collaborated with the Center for Disability Information (CDI) on research studies to assess diversity in our field. A list of past trainings and research studies is available below. Any upcoming DEI trainings can be found our PARedu page.

Past DEI Trainings

Becoming an Equity Champion

Improving Interpersonal Relationships through Cultural Humility

Creating Inclusive Communications Plans

Creating Psychologically Safe Organizations

Creating Retention Strategies to Keep Staff and Build Inclusion

Implementing Recruitment Strategies to Engage Diverse Audiences

Evaluating Privilege and Bias

Reframe Your Thinking Assessing DEI in Your Organization

The Racial Equity Roundabout: A Model for Continuous Improvement in People- Aware and People-Oriented Professions 

DEI Research  


Diversity Data Collection Survey
Data Brief 

Systemic Factors Impacting Black People
in the Workforce & Recommendations for
ID/A Providers Discussion Paper