Advocacy Toolkit for FY 2021/22 Budget Advocacy

In his budget proposal for the 2021/22 Fiscal Year, Governor Wolf once again did not include any funding to increase rates for Intellectual Disability/Autism providers or raise wages for Direct Support Professionals, despite proposing an 11% increase overall in the budget.
Individuals with ID/A, their families, and the DSPs who support them have been struggling because of chronic under funding of the ID/A system for years and continue to struggle with the added burden of the pandemic. 

Ask the General Assembly for COVID-19 Relief in the PA Budget!

Advocacy Tools:

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the Pennsylvania ID/A Workforce Crisis
Released August 24, 2021
  Fiscal Impact of COVID on ID/A Provider Solvency
Released June 17, 2021
ID/A Community System Capacity Erosion due to the Pandemic 

Released June 17, 2021

  FY 21/22 PAR Budget Ask



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