Advocacy Toolkit for FY 2023/24 Budget Advocacy

The Governor's FY 2023-24 budget proposal did not include additional investments for the ID/A system, and now we must convince the legislature to include additional funding.

The rates that are currently in effect are not enough for providers to employ and retain a full complement of DSPs and puts individuals with ID/A at risk of being underserved and understaffed. We must advocate to the legislature and administration that the fix to this crisis is continual investments into the system by implementing an inflationary index, with further increases to help providers be able to pay a living wage to DSPs.

Please use the materials below in your advocacy efforts, including our talking points and meeting etiquette guide.

Advocacy Tools:



ID/A Workforce & Service Landscape
Released March 2023

  The Collapse of ID/A Services in PA
Released March 2023

Talking Points - Engaging with
Government Officials

Released March 22, 2023
  Meeting Tips for Families - Talking
with Government Officials

Released March 22, 2023
2022 Pennsylvania Direct Support
Professional & Frontline Supervisor
Compensation Study

Released November 18, 2022
  Pennsylvania ODP-Administered HCBS
Proposed Rate Revisions Impact Analysis

Released January 19, 2022
COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the
Pennsylvania ID/A Workforce Crisis

Released August 24, 2021
  ID/A Community System Capacity
Erosion due to the Pandemic

Released June 17, 2021

Fiscal Impact of COVID on ID/A
Provider Solvency
Released June 17, 2021
  Case and Mortality One Pager
Released June 17, 2021
About PAR One Pager
Use this to explain PAR’s mission, history, and why we advocate