Support Families


Supporting family members of individuals with ID/A is a critical aspect of ensuring a healthy ID/A services system.

PAR Position

As requested by our Board of Directors, PAR is actively seeking out ways to increase our support of family members of individuals with ID/A. For example, PAR supports Early Intervention services as an effective and critical way to support families of individuals with ID/A, and all efforts to increase Early Intervention funding. Additionally, PAR supports legislation, policies, and regulations that support families, and is developing a pilot that will allow family members who are connected to PAR members to access PAR meetings.

Take Action

House Bill 200
PAR supports House Bill 200, which would amend the Early Intervention Services System Act of 1990 by adding a new definition addressing children whose mothers are at risk for postpartum depression.  By adding this classification to the law, children whose mothers are at risk for postpartum depression would be eligible for the early intervention services offered under the act.  PAR supports the bill in favor of adding these at risk children for early intervention services. Click here to write a letter to your legislator asking them to support  HB 200!

PAR Scholarships and Silent Auction
Every year, PAR offers scholarships to family members and individuals to attend the annual PAR Solutions Conference. To help offer more scholarships, PAR held a Silent Auction at the 2017 PAR Solutions Conference and raised over $5,500 for scholarships to the 2018 PAR Solutions Conference. This year's 2018 PAR Solutions Conference will also include a Silent Auction. If you are interested in helping out, donating an item, or learning more, please email [email protected]

Sign Up for PAR Mail
In 2017 the PAR Board voted to open PAR Mail to family members who are connected to PAR Members in order to provide more resources and assistance. Sign up to receive PAR Mails

Attend Public Meetings
A number of government workgroups allow a "peanut gallery" for the general public to attend meetings. These meetings include the Governor's Advisory Committee (GAC); the Information Sharing and Advisory Committee (ISAC); the State Interagency Coordinating Council (Early Intervention) (SICC). Family members are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities for information and advocacy! If you would like information on who to contact for these meetings please email [email protected]

PAR has included a Resources page on our new website designed to provide family members with the resources they need. Whether you are looking for a provider for your loved one, need information on receiving services, need help advocating, or need resources to keep your loved one safe and healthy, you can find the contact information you need on PAR's Resources Page. In addition to this website, PAR staff also offer support for providing referrals and information to family members and individuals with ID/A. If you can't find what you need, you can call PAR's office at (717) 236-2374 or email [email protected].

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