Regulations and Waiver Renewals Taskforce

The Regulations and Waiver Renewals Taskforce is charged with studying and offering recommendations to PAR's Board of Directors regarding state regulations or waiver amendment proposals. The Taskforce is made up of PAR Board members, leaders in the ID/A field, ID/A Coalition members, family members, and other ID/A stakeholders to provide a thorough and balanced review toward recommendations regarding the impact of regulatory and Medicaid Waiver proposals by ODP, and to propose amendments as needed. The Regulations and Waiver Renewals Taskforce meets as needed.


Terrence McNelis, Chair

Executive Vice President of IDD Services
[email protected]

Terrence McNelis has nearly forty years’ experience as a service delivery administrator, and is a 15-year member of the National Association for Persons with Dual Diagnosis Board of Directors. He is the Immediate Past President of the NADD board for 10 years and is a recipient of the Frank L. Menolascino Excellence Award. This is a National Award given to the finest leaders in the field of serving individuals with mental illness and an Intellectual Disability. Terry is a well-respected national and international speaker on issues surrounding the clinical treatment and national policy on issues surrounding IDD. He is often brought in as a consultant around difficult cases assisting in the support of people with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness. Terry is presently Senior Vice President for Supports and Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities, for the Eastern of Merakey. Additionally, he is IDD Service Director for all of Merakey. Merakey serves people with IDD in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia Mr. McNelis and his staff support over 3,000 individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and their families.