Rate Assumptions Review Ad Hoc Subcommittee

This ad hoc subcommittee of the Fiscal Officers Forum reviews assumptions used by the state in its determination of fair and adequate rates and compares that information to data supplied to the subcommittee by providers to develop recommendations to PAR’s Board of Directors regarding recommendations that should be considered in improving the assumptions used in rate setting.


Bill Harriger, Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer 
[email protected]

William Harriger currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Verland, a $35-million-dollar service provider. Verland serves 94 Intermediate Care Facility and another 140 residents in 43 group homes in southwestern PA. Formerly, Bill served for five years as the CFO at Erie Homes for Children and Adults. Bill served as part of the provider negotiating team in working with ODP to reach the Settlement Agreement that allowed for a change in ODP's reimbursement methodology, which led to an increase in provider payments exceeding $100 million over the life of the agreement. Bill currently serves on the Chapter 6100 workgroup which is an effort to replace the problematic Chapter 51 regulations. Bill is among 10 individuals serving on the Financial Sub Group of the Chapter 6100 workgroup, working towards a more permanent solution to the annual reimbursement shortfalls that many providers experience given the current reimbursement methodology. Before entering the IDD field, Bill was the owner of Harriger and Associates, a medical billing, administration, and consulting firm to oncology service providers. He is experienced in the administration of medical groups, having served as the Administrative Director/Chief Operating Officer for The Regional Cancer Center in Erie, PA for 14 years.