Federal Medicaid funding provides half of the total funding for ID/A services, with the state appropriating funding which is then matched nearly dollar for dollar by Federal Medicaid matching dollars.

PAR Position

Any threat to this match or plans to cut Medicaid funding would be devastating to Pennsylvania's families who rely on intellectual disability and autism services, and whose funding comes almost entirely from state and federal dollars. This match must be protected. Medicaid must continue to be an entitlement program rather than a block grant or capitated program which over the years has been proposed and has been pushed back successfully through PAR's advocacy in concert with the advocacy of our national association ANCOR.

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Check out ANCOR'S (PAR's national association) resources and opportunities for advocacy on their Save Our Services Website.

While the major federal push to restructure Medicaid in 2017 was successful stopped thanks to PAR members' advocacy combined with other ANCOR members' advocacy, Congress has indicated that it will continue to review and seek to make changes to Medicaid. To stay up to date on how you can help, sign up for PAR Mails.

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